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 CGI scripts

Cyberbest allows all accounts to have their own cgi-bin directories, so you should be able to run most any well behaved CGI program found on the *net. Most CGI programs will run right out of the box. Just make sure you check the following:

  • If the script has a magic line ( the first line is #!/some/command/path) here are some good "command paths":
    • /usr/bin/perl
    • /bin/mail
    • /bin/sh
    • /usr/sbin/sendmail
  • Make sure the script has a .cgi extension
  • Make sure you own the script (chown "yourname" "scriptname")
  • Give the script permission of 755 (chmod 755 "scriptname")
  • Give directories permissions of 766 ( Chmod 766 "directory name" )

PHP and MySql help.
Follow this link for

Check out this search link for quality CGI programs: CGI program search

If all else fails, send us some e-mail with as much info as reasonable and maybe we can help.

We also offer custom CGI scripts to allow you to perform most any function. We can either work on a hourly basis or can quote a flat fee for a well defined solution. Send us some e-mail for a free, no obligations quote.

*Note: We do take precautions to keep all accounts free from security attacks. As with all our policies, disruptive scripts will be cause for account termination and possible litigations.

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