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Helpful Hints


  • For information on the optional Spam Firewall click here
  • We offer both Web Based e-mail and POP3/IMAP e-mail.
  • All accounts can have their e-mail forwarded to any other e-mail server.

POP3/IMAP Mail setup

  • You would normally process e-mail on your PC with a  POP3  application. Microsoft Outlook Express and Outlook are the two leaders
  • Use your normal login/password to access your e-mail account
  • The receive POP3 server is "yourdomain.com"
  • Send mail using your ISP's SMTP server. Setup your mail program just like any other mail account. Sending of mail from your computer has nothing to do with your Cyberbest account.  Your ISP can give you the SMTP server name.
  • If you are using a ISP that don't provide SMTP services or you can't seem to send mail,  then you can use our SMTP server, but you must  make small changes to your mail setup.  This will be different for every mail program but it is something like this::
    - Set up your mail account as a normal POP3/SMTP client
    - Set your SMTP server to be "yourdomain.com"
    - Find where it asks if your SMTP servers needs authentication, and click yes
    - Put in your normal email address as the login ID and password.
  • MAKE SURE your login id IS your mail address For example, if you are george@yourdomain.com then your mail account login ID is george@yourdomain.com and not just george.
    - Do NOT click for secure connection.
  • Set your reply address to your normal domain name e-mail address
  • Under advanced options find the port that is set to 25 by default and change that to 587.  Save it and send a test e-mail.  If you expierence problems and have another email account, shoot support an email. Otherwise feel free to give us a call.
  • WebMail usage
    • You can use webmail when traveling or away from your normal computer
    • Use http://yourdomain.com/webmail for access
    • Use your normal login/password for access
  • PHP and MySql Help
  •  Web Pages start here:
    • Get a FTP program to download/upload files to your Web Site
    • Use a Web Editor to create your Web Page on your computer.
      • The first page you want people to see should be named 'index.html'.
      • All other pages can be called whatever you choose.
    • Upload the files from your PC into your Web Site account.
      • Use an FTP Client such as WS_FTP or Fetch and connect to *www.yourdomain.com
      • Enter the login and password into the FTP program.
      • Once connected, you will automatically be placed in your own account.
      • Change directory to the *public_html directory.
      • Use the PUT command to send the pictures, html files, etc.
  • All done? Not yet! - Search Engines
    Okay, so now I have a web page. How do I get it on the search engines and what do I do to be on top of a search. Before going to your favorite search engine and applying to be indexed, consider the following
    • Search Engines look at your web page using robots. When you apply to have your site indexed this robot will access your site and index it based on what it finds. It looks for meta tags that list your keywords and contents. It will also  weigh it's index by the closeness to the top of the document it finds the words and how frequent. the key words appear. Some robots will penalize a site if it repeats the same keyword too many times.
    • Do a search using your keywords and see what comes up. Check out their page source and see why they are on top.
    • Once you're near the top, keep checking, as time goes on, your site will start dropping and you will need to change your tactics.
    • You can enlist a company that will register your site for you and even make suggestion as to how to raise your sites hit rate.

    Free submission service:

    Add Me!
    Submit your page to 34 popular sites for free, using one form! 

    Note:  *See webmail table for different type of webmail accounts

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